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Turtles Australia Inc. provides nest protection kits to farmers.

17 May 2013 00:23 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Two nest protection kits were provided to farmers in the Gunbower area today by Turtles Australia Inc. These farmers have expressed and interest in helping us and the turtles they see on their farms while they go about their work.

Both farms have had Broad-shell turtle nesting on them in the last couple of weeks and due to the actions of these farmers three additional nests have been protected from fox predation.

With the nest protection kits we have provided we anticipate many more nests will be protected over the coming years. Each kit contain enough equipment to protect 10 nests, most of the items can be reused after the hatching have emerged from the nest.

The purchase of the kits was made possible by the use of the $200 Bunnings Voucher provided by V/line. Should you wish to sponsor and kit please contact us, $100 will protect 10 nest or around 150 baby turtles.
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